Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

At the end of this two-day workshop, participants will be equipped with the tools necessary for speaking publicly in a convincing and confident manner. To this end, emphasis will be placed on organizing and presenting ideas designed to facilitate dynamic and effective presentations.


Course Content

  • Identifying the characteristics of effective public speakers.
  • Approaching public speaking systematically.
  • Explaining how the nature of the occasion influences a speech.
  • Formulating clear purpose statements.
  • Identifying main and subordinate ideas.
  • Developing effective introductions and conclusions.
  • Assessing speech anxiety.
  • Using deep-muscle relaxation, visualization and other techniques to reduce speech anxiety.
  • Discussion of four types of speech delivery.
  • Identifying how the speaker can use visual and vocal cues to advantage.
  • Visual considerations
  • Analysing a speech-maker's performance (including participants') in terms of content, organization, language and delivery.


What You Will Cover

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Short discussion around a quote which speaks to a systematic approach to speech-preparation
  • Expectations for effective speech-makers: describing the behaviours exhibited by effective speakers
  • The four stages to speech-making: topic selection, topic development, presentation and post-presentation analysis
  • Outlining principles: looking at main and subordinate ideas
  • Ordering ideas—finding the right approach
  • Creating a complete sentence outline
  • Developing effective introductions and conclusions

Day 2

  • Dealing with speech anxiety/apprehension/fright; communication apprehension: understanding and learning to cope with your fears
  • Identifying the occasion and your role as speaker
  • Overcoming physical and mental symptoms; using visualization as a positive approach
  • Looking at options for delivery; delivery of informative, persuasive and ceremonial speeches
  • Examining visual cues: clothing, posture, gestures, movements and facial expressions eye-contact
  • Oral presentations
  • Evaluation: content, organization, language & delivery of participants' speeches


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