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The Student Welfare Department (SWD) at UWI-ROYTEC is the main non-academic student support unit in UWI-ROYTEC. The department functions under the belief that each student can contribute positively to the success of: the community, the organisations in which they operate and, themselves.

Some of the key responsibilities of the SWD are to provide all students with assistance in the transitions and adjustments necessary for success in college, gaining confidence in themselves in this new stage in life, and in understanding their role in society. SWD also acts as a mediator between the institution and the student, providing opportunities for networking, recreation and personal growth. This works in tandem with UWI-ROYTEC's vision of inspiring our students to become highly skilled, competent practitioners who are critical thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs and socially engaged citizens (UWI-ROYTEC mission).As such, the initiatives of the department are shaped around the Holistic Development of students and entails:

The student experience starts with the orientation sessions to students. An orientation is held per in-take of students hence UWI-ROYTEC hosts three sets of orientations per academic year. It is open to all new students. Returning students who would have missed their in-take orientation are welcomed to join in.

The orientation is a two-part process: a welcoming ceremony and programme specific sessions. The welcoming ceremony includes a formal programme held externally to the institution, as known as the general orientation. It also gives you an opportunity to know your institution, meet your student council members and get an idea of the tertiary education journey ahead.

The second part of the orientation is the programme specific sessions known as the "break-out sessions". These are held at the college campus, conducted per programme. At these sessions, students are exposed to the administrative elements critical to a positive experience. These include GATE issues, IT challenges, Examinations issues and services accessible from the SWD.

The highlight of the session is an opportunity to meet with facilitators related to the programme. Faculty address students' concerns and provide tips going into the programme.

The Developmental Advising & Skills Management within the SWD seek to engage the students in discussions that would promote the development of students' strategy for managing themselves at tertiary education. The aim is to teach students rational thought processes that can act as a good foundation for success at college and subsequently in life. Students can access this facility on their own or be referred by faculty and staff.

Strategies involve explorative conversations around the student's perception of college and the mutual responsibilities involved in the relationship between the student and the college. Also explored are the possible challenges that the student could be facing, and techniques for managing them. Management techniques include:

  • referral to counselling
  • effective time management skills
  • study skills / plans
  • reading and note taking techniques
  • memorisation skills and / or
  • referral to upcoming support workshops

How to access Developmental Advising & Skills Management

  1. Check UWI-ROYTEC email and notice boards for upcoming activities and workshops,
  2. Register at Student Welfare via email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone 225-1299 ext 2115 / 2116 or visit the office to speak to one of the SWD personnel,
  3. Provide your name, student ID and programme currently enrolled with up-to-date contact information.

Students at our satellite campus can access this service on every second Tuesday and third Saturday of the month.

The SWD believes that it is the responsibility of the institution to provide education and guidance around living a healthy and well balanced life, particularly whilst at college. As such, it has developed several activities geared toward satisfying the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of students.

Student Counselling Assistance Programme

The Student Counselling Assistance Programme (SCAP) is a programme sponsored by UWI-ROYTEC for all registered students. SCAP is run by the Caribbean Life Resources Centre (CLRC), a full-service counselling and training agency. As a UWI-ROYTEC student, you can access the SCAP confidential services which includes: critical incident stress management; personal counselling; group counselling; outreach; "just-in-time" educational training; and after hours hot line.

Please see our Health and Wellness page for details.

Sick Bay

In the event that a student is unwell while at the institution, a sickbay is available for use at the main campus – ground floor near to the library.
Students can access the sick bay by first informing the lecturer / Student Welfare personnel that they are unwell and will be proceeding to the sick bay. The keys can be requested at the security desk which the student is required to sign for collecting.

When in need of urgent care (i.e. bleeding, head injuries, fractures, asthma or other respiratory distress), students will be taken straight into Sick Bay and be given immediate care by a qualified First Aid Officer. An ambulance will be called if required, and parents/guardian contacted as necessary.

An Incident Report will be filled out for any accidents, incident or near miss occurring at the institution. Often the person (so) involved will fill this out, and submitted to Student Welfare department who will then escalate the matter accordingly.

Spiritual Emphasis

At the main campus, students can request a space for their individual prayer sessions through the Student Welfare department or security desk. Notices are shared with the student population reminding of the various festivals to utilise the space.

Chapel hours are facilitated by the St. Andrews Theological Centre for our students' use at our satellite campus. The hours are posted on the noticeboard in the main area.

Please see our Health and Wellness page for details on available hours.

Free testing / Presentations

Each semester, testing and seminars are hosted free of charge to students. These include: drug abuse, financial stress, sexual health, STD / HIV tests, vision screening just to name a few. Further details can be found on the noticeboard or Student Life Matters newsletter.

Part of the drive toward producing socially aware students involves the introduction of information and experiences that seek to make them more conscious of the environment and the effects their actions or inactions can have on the community, country, region and the world.

Projects usually vary per semester / academic year which includes:

  • Turtle Watching experiences;
  • Community-based assistance e.g. renovations to homes, schools etc; hampers / food donations etc
  • Environment clean-up e.g. coastal clean-up etc.

To participate in these projects or make suggestions on projects of your interest, contact the Student Welfare department or the Public Relations Office in the UWI-ROYTEC Student Council.

UWI-ROYTEC in collaboration with the RSC hosts several sporting and recreational activities over the academic year. To participate in the upcoming events, please contact the Student Welfare Department.

Please see our Clubs and Recreation Page for details.

Students with a diagnosed disability have special needs to complete their programme of choice. Such students are required to fill out a Disability Declaration Form at the Student Welfare Department. A meeting will be held with the student and the Manager, Student Welfare to determine the level of accommodations required and the institutions ability to meet these throughout the student's time in their programme.

The institution is able to facilitate the following:

  • Persons confined to a wheelchair
  • Persons using crutches
  • Persons with epilepsy

As demands change from our student population, additional accommodations can be offered over time.

UWI-ROYTEC may assist students whose individual financial circumstances prevent them from affording the either tuition or non-tuition cost of their programme. Students' grants are subject to a review and evaluation of the student's ongoing financial status and academic performance. The Student Welfare department may recommend that the student be granted based on demonstrated financial need, GPA and involvement in UWI-ROYTEC.

For information on financial assistance externally, please see our Finances Page.

The UWI-ROYTEC Student Council is a Representative Committee for students with democratically elected officers drawn from the entire student population. The overall purpose is to promote the interests of the student body and to foster Academic and Social development. All students pay a Student Council fee per academic year.

Please see our Student Council Page for details.

The URAA is a Non-Profit Association chartered by UWI-ROYTEC and Graduates of UWI-ROYTEC to facilitate further growth and development of UWI-ROYTEC and its students.

The URAA executive strives to build the URAA's membership, develop substantive relationships with other partners and stakeholders and make a mark in UWI-ROYTEC's development.

URAA's activities can be found on the noticeboard around campus. Graduates and alumni can join by contacting them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please see our Alumni Association Page for further details.

The Student newsletter is called Student Life Matters which is a medium to share information about student life activities, act as reminders of important deadlines that can impact students' academic status and communicate current information related to students.

Student Welfare department is comprised of:

  • Manager Student Welfare
  • Student Welfare Officer
  • Student Welfare Assistant

You can contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or via phone to: 225-1299 ext; 2112 / 2115 / 2116

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