I.T. Essentials

UWI-ROYTEC is pleased to announce its I.T. Essentials 12-week course offerings commencing January, 2016:


End User Support

This course is designed to give the participant a conceptual approach to end-user support. The explosion of computer usage has created a high demand for computer support specialists to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users.


Advanced Database Management Systems

This course introduces the developmental tools for designing and creating custom applications, using products like PL/SQL procedural programs, and developer products such as Procedure Builder, Form Builder, Report Builder, and Graphic Builder. Participants will use the Oracle client/server database application to complete several database projects.


I.T. Project Management

This course is designed to help participants develop their knowledge and skills to work successfully in an Information Technology project environment and to accomplish project objectives - on-time and within budget. Participants will also be trained to succeed on interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams. Microsoft Project will be used in conjunction with this course, and participants will participate in group projects that have scopes, deadlines and constraints.



Part-time and Full-time classes are available.


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